Immediately withdraw the punitive and unfair COVID-19 fines issued to Ottawa residents!

Spring 2020: CAMS Ottawa is very concerned about the decision by the City of Ottawa to issue punitive and exorbitant fines for perceived violations of its decision to make the use of all municipal parks illegal. These fines, enforced arbitrarily and inconsistently by municipal Bylaw officers, are an attack on some of the most vulnerable and marginalized people in our community — who can least afford to pay them — in a time of increased economic hardship. Such fines are grossly disproportionate and cause serious financial consequences to people without regard for their circumstances or their moral culpability.

Access to a yard is an immense privilege that many lack. In recognition of the human need for outdoor time, especially for children, CAMS Ottawa asks you to sign our petition calling on the City of Ottawa to withdraw all COVID-19 charges and waive payment of all the related fines.

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